Head: CLAWS Commander
Mask: Chap Mei Construction
Torso/legs: CLAWS Commander
Arms: Stalker JvC

This is an odd custom for me because I was going in such a total different direction before settling on this design. Something pushed me to the CLAWS Commander though. The gray coat is an attempt to separate him from the original while keeping with the same spirit.

Originally I was going to try to use a Cobra Commander torso, but could never find one, thus I used what I had.

My view of how the Red Shadows (and of course Ironblood himself) differ from the norm, many because I never liked the idea of Ironblood being Cobra Commander (as presented in the Action Force Comic). I actually kind of hated Ironblood before doing this custom too. The custom has me liking him a bit more though.

In My Joe-verse, Cobra went into hiding briefly (around 1994 in our time). When it happened, the European contingent of Cobra was left high and dry (as were most of the world wide contingents). Overlord tried to reform Cobra in the states, and failed miserably. In the European front, a Crimson Guard stepped forward, gave organization and purpose to the troops, and succeeded where many had failed. He renamed the organization the Red Shadows.

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