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Head: Home cast of Viper
Body: Rock Viper v2
Accessories: Rock- iper v2

My visor painting technique has improved considerable since I first made these a few years ago.

Storm-Vipers are Cobra's shock troops. They are used tactically for conducting a heavy assault against a well defended position or for psychological value. Often equipped more with multiple-grenade launchers than assault rifles, a Storm-Viper unit packs an incredible amount of punch.

Those selected as Storm-Vipers are drawn from some of the strongest troops of the Cobra Legions. Notwithstanding their physical strength and a reputation for high morale, they tend to be slow moving across the battlefield due to the weight and bulk of their equipment. This is also a limitation in close quarter battle... but don't try to take on one of these tough troops in hand-to-hand combat, unless you want to be stomped!

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