Head: Corps! "Justin Case" figure
Torso, arms: Corps! "Rick Ranger" figure
Waist, legs (like you can separate em...): Corps! "Hawk" figure
Rifle: Random Corps! figure. They all came with the same weapons.

Beach Head's always been a favorite character of mine, ever since seeing the movie. I don't know if it's his mask, his nasty temper or his accent, but he's one of my favorite Joes. In fact, the only reason I bought G.I. Joe Frontline issue 17 was because he was the main character. Unfortunately, aside from his first figure, Beach Head never really got lucky, toy-wise. His Battle Corps figure was in blue, blue-ish green and turquoise, with a strange mask/helmet combo.

Then JvC came, and Beach Head was a tubby, lanky mess. The VvV mold was an improvement, but still awkward in a lot of places. So the other day I was looking through a figure bin for an old Metal-Head and I started pulling out my T-crotch Corps guys, and I remembered how much Justin Case's head looks like Beach Head, right down to the look in his eyes. Some parts swapping later, I had my own Beach Head. T-crotch aside, I think he looks much better than Hasbro's latest sculpting efforts with this guy.

As an added bonus, he looks sort of like how Beach Head looked in Frontline #17.

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