Head: Sneak Peek v1 w/Tele-Viper '05 microphone
Torso: CORPS!
Arms: Col. Brekhov '98
Waist, legs: Comic Pack Hawk

For about 2 years I had this PTE Combat Tank sitting on display, just waiting for a crew to be made. One night, inspiration struck, and I began building that crew...

Abrams was originally intended to be Smoothbore, the gunner, but having made changes to that figure, I swapped them around. Surprisingly the Sneak Peek head turned out to be a great fit with the CORPS! torso and Brekhov arms, providing a proportional look that, when painted up, was pretty impressive. A Single Pack Tele-Viper microphone whittled down and glued into place replaced the long=lost Sneak Peek microphone and helped complete the look I wanted for him.

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