Head: DTC Range Viper
Torso, arms, waist, upper legs: Swamp Rat v.2
Shoulder Pads: Iron Grenadier v.2
Backpack, Helmet, hose and some grenades: Frag Viper
Grenade Launcher: Combo of several BBI guns.

The Immortal Project: To take the best of specialized Viper squads and make them better using the latest training and technology.

The Frag Vipers have prided themselves on stealth and strength to get the job done over the years, now the Immortals add technology. Their composite armor will take most small arms fire as well as absorb explosions from grenades. Electromagnetic couplers on the armor allow the user to stow and remove grenades from special pads on the legs just like a refrigerator magnet. The gauntlets also use an electromagnetic current to assist in throwing the grenade just as the previous cesta throwing tool, only with greater range and better accuracy. The biggest improvement has been in the primary weapon. A master of design by M.A.R.S. it allows the user to select from several types of grenades including H.E. (high explosive), Fragmentation, W.P. (white phosphorus), smoke and a wide array of gas (riot, saran, VX). The system is voice-activated and has a finger tip backup control on the gun as well as target and range-finding equipment built into the helmet. The sound bafflers built in allow for the same stealth that the original Frag Vipers enjoyed.

"Nothing makes my day like hearing Joe's yell "Incoming!" ---Frag Viper Immortal

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