Head: VvV Razorclaw
Torso: ST Shipwreck
Arms: ST Shipwreck
Waist: VvV Heavy Duty
Legs: VvV Heavy duty

Breaker was one of the orignal 12 founding members of the GI Joe team. His skills have proved invaluable to the Joe cause. He may not be the best on the battlefield with a rifle or a vehicle, but when you need a Joe to get COBRA intel, Breaker's your man.

Breaker first got into communications at the age of 15 when he built a CB radio from the quarters he earned bagging groceries at the local supermarket after school. He learned his craft more in college and university before joining the army as a communications officer. Hawk personally selected Breaker because of his skills in getting the very best intel from COBRA and cracking codes.

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