Head: Neo-Viper Commander
Torso: Chap Mei
Waist: Tele-Viper
Upper Legs: COILS
Lower Legs: Pit Viper
Upper Arms: Grunt
Lower Arms: JVC Duke

I was going for a different look for him. Kinda more like a Viper blend and the original. I was never a big fan of his spikey straps so I did a more practical look. He needs some boxing gloves though. He has complete articulation. The grenades were something I figured a trainer of Vipers should have so I just tossed them in there. Kinda like a "I`m gonna shove this grenade up yo' A$$ if you don`t get movin" kinda thing. I use him as a a mixture of a Cobra Sgt. Slaughter and Batman`s Bane character so he`s hardcore in my book.

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