Head: VvV Gung-Ho w/Jinx Bandana
Torso: Sgt. Stalker
Arms: Grunt
Waist: ??
Upper Legs: Roadblock
Lower Legs: T-Crotch Heavy Duty

Etienne Lafitte was ready to retire. He had spent his entire adult life fighting against evil men and their ideals and he was tired. He stuck it out with the Joes, mainly working as an instructor. But now even that was starting to weigh on him. A new type of enemy had come out of the wood work, one that would sacrifice himself or innocent people as weapons and he didn't know how to fight it. With the politically correct world and the red tape, even GI Joe could not act accordingly. He was ready to pack his bags and finish his life in peace.

Then Sergeant Slaughter approached him. The Sarge let Etienne in on the reformation of the Marauders, a smaller division of the Joes that are secretly sent inside enemy lines. General Hawk is the highest officer to know of this group and he denies the existence of them. The Marauders are a self-sustained group when in the field and ignore all rules. They fight the terrorists with the only weapon that terrorists know: fear. They slowly whittle away at the terrorists until they can storm in and completely surprise the enemy. By the time the main GI Joe team arrives The Marauders have moved on to the next target, leaving the Joes to clean things up and take all the credit.

Etienne cherished this thought and joined in a heartbeat. Gung-Ho was reborn on the battlefield. He is now the Marauders' resident grenadier and he rains grenades down on the enemy as if they were caught in a very explosive monsoon. Also taking up arms as a heavy gunner when he has exhausted his supply of grenades, Gung-Ho now burns with a new intensity.

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