Head: Dusty Single Pack
Torso and Upper Arms: Target bbi figure
Lower arms: bbi Elite Force
Lower body: bbi Elite Force
Canteens: bbi Elite Force
Gun: bbi Elite Force cast
Knife: VvV/Comic Pack (?)
Gunbelt: bbi Elite Force

Dusty's career highlights summarized: Ugly v1 sculpt; featured in one two-part episode: The Traitor; and countless later versions that ranged from blah to yuck.

One of those things was interesting and neat. The rest, not so good. Considering the emphasis and availability of desert themed things due to Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, it should be easy to come up with a decent desert figure. Of course, this is Hasbro, so no it has to be a challenge and much harder than reality.

I tried to capture the interesting aspect of the character given that he's the mission specialist of the current geopolitical hot spot, he should have some sort of interesting and realistic application. Hope you all enjoy it.

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