Head : Link Talbot
Helmet : Big Boa
Chest : Nunchuk (mod. w/ toothpicks)
Upper arms : Cobra Coils
Lower arms: Ripper
Waist : Firefly (mod. w/ belt buckle)
Thighs : Spirit Ironknife
Boots : Zartan
Boxing gloves : Big Boa

Big Boa has always been misrepresented as a Cobra trainer considering how fast the Cobra soldiers get their butt's kicked. So I decided to give this custom A more important roll as Tomax and Xamot's bodyguard. That should prove his worth. So , why does Big Boa wear that big helmet? So he can call himself a "true Cobra", or is it cause he's so damn pretty? Given the proper Background , I think he fits well in the Crimson ranks as A bodyguard rather than a trainer. Thank you for looking.

Tomax and Xamot : Check out Cobra Commander D's. I love this custom. I've been strugling with Ideas for the twins and just decided to do this formula. It's perfect.

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