Head: Barrel Roll (SpyTroops)
Torso and lower legs: Duke (GvC T-crotch) modified
Arms: Flint (SpyTroops)
Crotch and upper legs: Dusty (GvC)

Helmet: Eversparkle
Backpack: Lifeline (Tiger Force)
Rifle: Grunt (SpyTroops)

One of the best things about rebooting my Joeverse for the Beginnings dio was that I got to bring back some of my favorite earlier characters who had been killed off in other media.

For Breaker, I wanted a figure that was very reminiscent of the no-nonsense original design but with a much younger, clean shaven face (he's just a kid, essentially).

The o-ring conversion on this one was fairly simple, requiring only minor interior mods to the torso.

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