Head: Big Ben ’00 w/ modified Airborne ’83 helmet
Torso: Capt. Grid-Iron ’90 (modified)
Arms: Slaughter’s Marauders Low-Light ‘89
Waist: Mercer ‘87
Legs: Slaughter’s Marauders Barbecuse ’89 thighs (modified), Airborne ’83 feet

Gun: Chap Mei, (HEAVILY modified)
Backpack: Zarana ’86, (slightly modified)
Ammo Bag: Beach Head ‘86

Ok, before I talk about the figure, let me explain what I was going for here. In my old “London Calling” fanfic, I came up with the idea of Action Force Prime, a splinter group of Action Force’s original members, (kinda like X-Factor started out as). Big Ben was a member of said group. This figure is supposed to represent him as he would have appeared around 1986 or so. The uniform is modeled after the Classic Collection SAS Trooper, (man, I bought that figure just because the box art was so cool!).

I always thought Big Ben was a great figure, (apparently, so does Hasbro – they release a new one every week now). The rest of the body just consisted of parts that I thought would look cool together. The webgear on the chest is made from a thin rubber band, the wiring from a twisty-tie, and stuff from Chap-Mei figures.

Can you believe the gun is Chap-Mei? I just kept cutting away at one of those monsters until I had something that was actually in scale. I’ll definitely be using that little trick again!

I like him. I think he could also work as a generic trooper figure.

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