The body is the wave 2 SE torso, wave 7 GungHo arms, with wave 2 Stalker legs and GH's holster & pistol, the Bruce bbi head with Sculpy "Amish" beard and boots. The skulls are from an MM Predator (perhaps I'll tell that adventure some day), the taserboard is from a Zaku Gundam, the rifle is from the brand-new bbi weapons pack - I had been using one of their OICWs for him but I liked this one's green touches, and the shield is a cast of the SS Captain's shield.

"Last Man on Earth"

Excerpted from the last log entry of Col. Dodger:

"...I don't know what happened at the end there. I was pushing through a group of BATs with my taserboard and gunning them down when Captain America jumped to cover me with his shield and everything went white.


Judging from how hungry and thirsty I was, I woke up a couple of days later, covered by Cap's shield and a few tatters of his uniform. I had agonizing burns on my arms and legs, but my head and trunk were fine, thanks to the shield. Whatever happened was serious enough to break the shield, which I'd always heard was impossible.

I buried the scraps of his uniform, and whatever else I could find of my teammates; but it wasn't a lot. I should be thankful for that in some manner, I guess. But all I saw when I awoke was smoking piles of BATs and the CPUs, with all their brain matter burned away.

Not knowing what else to do, I'm trying to make my way back to Pinnacle Rook, dropping these transponders every 100 miles, or until I run out. I've not seen another living person in 5 weeks, and I fear I may very well be the last person alive. Heh, just me and the monsters, plus a few stray BATs I've gunned down immediately.

I'm in Zimbabwe now, about halfway home to Pinnacle Rook, I figure. Another 5 weeks when I get back, hopefully I can start looking for any other survivors using the Rook's equipment; which is a lot better than my banged-up SHIELD ShrikeBike's, trusty as ol' Sheila may be.

Anyway, think what you want to of this. I'm just too burnt out to care about whatever sins I may be guilty of at the moment.

...This is Colonel Dodger, veteran of the Psychic Wars, signing off."

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