Entire figure: Kamakura (VvV Ninja Lightning driver) modified.

Helmet: C.L.A.W.S. Commander (SpyTroops)
Skirt: Cobra Slice (VvV)
Knife: Overkill (VvV)
Machine pistol: Maurauder, Inc.

Over the last couple of years, I've gradually warmed to the concept of Serpentor and The Coil, which I see as a faction of elite soldiers personally selected and trained by the would-be warlord.

The way I see it, Serpentor would be an extremely powerful personality, almost like a cult leader, and -- with Cobra's forces consisting mostly of relatively directionless people the Commander has effectively brainwashed into believing his ideology -- it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Serpy to "re-program" some of them.

In selecting the base figure, I wanted something that was relatively easy to come by and would require minimal modification or painting. Kamakura fit the bill.

After shaving the dog tags off five of this figure, I painted part of the sash to look like an armor plate and gave each one a painted helmet to match. The Slice armored skirt was something of an afterthought, but really helped to reinforce the ancient cult/secret sect aspect of the character that I was trying to acheive.

The last detail was the serpent-headed ceremonial dagger, which is really almost gladius length. Given Serpy's background, it makes sense that he would teach these guys how to use short swords.

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