Head: Jinx modified
Torso: Scarlett modified
Upper arms: Scarlett
Lower arms: Jinx
Waist: Baroness modified with ribbon skirt
Upper legs: Scarlett modified
Lower legs: Jinx

Aiko Shinkoji never knew her true family. She was left on the steps of the Shinkoji clan's temple as a baby with nothing but her name, Aiko, pinned to her blanket. The Shinkoji clan raised her into her late teens and trained her in their fighting style. At seventeen she met a young man that she became infatuated with. She turned her back on the clan that raised her to pursue this young man's affection. As she got to know him she learned that his father was the head of the Yakuza in the region. She became a bodyguard for his father using the fighting techniques she learned from the Shinkoji clan. She and the son soon became very close and were to be married or so she thought. What she did not know was the son was quite the lady's man and he really wanted to be done with her.

Cobra Commander had now started trying to setup a base of operations in Japan. In doing this he had upset the Yakuza. They were the ruling power in the region and did not want to deal with a force such as Cobra. This provided a perfect opportunity for the son to rid himself of Aiko or else the father to rid himself of Cobra Commander. So with that they sent Aiko to assassinate Cobra Commander.

She was able to easily bypass all the guards and make her way into Cobra Commander's private chambers. As she approached him he sounded the alarm for his personal body guards, Slice, Dice, and Slash. They rushed into the room and attacked Aiko, but she fought back bravely. The more they attacked her the harder she fought back. The fight lasted quite long and Cobra Commander had taken a seat to watch. Aiko was finally beaten and lay in a pool of her own blood in the floor. As Slice moved in for the kill, Cobra Commander called him off. He said it would be a shame to waste such skills by killing her. He called Mindbender to retrieve her and use the Brainwave Scanner on her to make her his own assassin. When two Crimson Guardsmen grabbed her to take her to Mindbender she abruptly killed them both. She was then beaten down and subdued by Cobra Commander's bodyguards once again and they personally took her to Mindbender.

In Mindbender's lab she was put through many hours on the Brainwave Scanner. Her brain was filled with the Cobra propaganda and Storm Shadow's training was added to her own per Cobra Commander's personal wishes. After she had been brainwashed she was allowed room and board at Cobra headquarters. And looking in the mirror one day she noticed the scars from the beating she received in the Commander's quarters were not going away. She applied the Kabuki makeup for the first time that day and has worn it every day since. And as she sat in her room she began to remember things that the Brainwave Scanner was supposed to wipe from her memory. Her training with the Shinkoji and the Arashikage training she was implanted with enabled her to break the brainwashing that she had endured for three years. With her memories back she was determined to return to her one true love and the Yakuza.

She was able to easily escape the Cobra compound and make her way back to Japan. When she came to the home of her former love she expected him to be sad and lonely without her. Surely they thought she was dead, after all a rescue had not been attempted. And then she saw the other woman. Now she was the one who was saddened but she soon became filled with anger and vowed revenge. She sneaked into the house by way of an upstairs bedroom and there she saw a wedding dress on a mannequin. And again the sadness returned. Now for some reason she couldn't help putting on the dress and standing in front of the mirror. The dress and the Kabuki makeup made for an odd combination but she thought she was gorgeous and made a beautiful bride.

It was at this point the other woman came into the bedroom. As Aiko turned to face her the woman screamed. Aiko quickly crossed the room and killed the woman. But her scream was enough to alert her former love. When he entered the room he saw Aiko standing over his dead fiancée and he filled with rage. He asked Aiko who she was and she simply replied "I am your bride." The son was taken off guard by this strange woman he did not recognize. He then told her the only bride he ever had was lying at Aiko's feet and he charged at her with the full intent to kill her. She countered and the fight began. They fought a long and grueling battle. In the end she killed her ex and she sat in the floor and cried as the father came into the house. He took one look at his dead son and then looked at his killer. The father recognized Aiko now that her makeup had worn off. He screamed for his bodyguards to kill her. She barely escaped through a window and went to hide. And now she realized she had nowhere left to go. She had turned her back on her clan many years ago and now she was wanted by the Yakuza. The only other place she had known was Cobra.

She returned to Cobra Commander and begged his forgiveness for leaving. She thanked him for freeing her from the grip of the Yakuza and without him she would not have known about the man she killed. Cobra Commander was outraged but after learning of the crippling blow she dealt the Yakuza he forgave her. Now she is one of the Commander's favorite assassins. She has broken the brainwashing and she returned to Cobra on her own. She has sworn her loyalty to Cobra and she will do whatever the Commander asks of her as she feels this is the only way to make up for leaving them one time. She still wears the makeup to hide her scars of one life and wears the remains of the wedding dress to remind her of the scars of another life.

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