Head, Waist & Legs: '89 DeeJay
Torso & Arms: Cesspool

The man known as Abutre Negro was a gun runner and drug smuggler in South America before his travels brought him face to face with the Cobra organization.

The second in command of one of the larger cartels in Nicaragua, Abutre Negro often flew the planes that made the drops, and he became quite the expert pilot, working to avoid detection and to evade capture when he did get spotted. When the U.S. Government raided his cartel and dragged his family to prison, Abutre Negro narrowly escaped and quickly fell in with the Headhunters, however they lacked direction and focus, two things he depended highly upon.

His involvement with the Headhunters brought him close to Cobra, and he made the jump, joining the Cobra Air Viper corps, and became an AVAC fighter pilot. It was here that his "Black Vulture" moniker came into play, and he worked up quite the resume.

Soon enough, he was Cobra Commander's personal pilot and Air Viper security escort, and it was a position he valued greatly. The Commander's charisma won him over, and he became a devout follower...even when it became later revealed that this "Cobra Commander" was an imposter named "Overlord".

Abutre Negro quickly realized that it was the man he honored, not merely the position of Command, and grew quite disenfranchised with Cobra's new direction once Overlord was "dethroned" and removed from power.

Apparently he wasn't the only one, and down in his native land, a small group began to form of ex-Cobra agents who wanted a more pure Cobra...a Cobra that went back to it's roots. A Cobra that relied in training, infiltration, and secrecy to achieve its objectives. Slowly, the Coil began to form...


I've got a Dio-Story concept in progress, and I needed a couple key foreign exclusives...well, those guys are VERY hard to come by, so Abutre Negro became my first experiment in Rit Dye, and it worked pretty well.

Some of the finer details here are pretty rough, but I think it will work well enough in a dio-story environment, plus it's still pretty playable as well.

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