Head & Waist: Cesspool
Torso & Arms: Recoil
Legs: Scoop

Voador began his early life as a bully, and it only got worse from there. Before he turned 16, he was an "enforcer" on the streets of Brazil, working for drug cartels and the Brazilian mafia, shaking down local shop owners for protection money, and then "punishing" them if they didn't pay.

He graduated from that position to an armed escort for a local mob boss and soon found himself driving cars, flying planes, and taking on assailants with automatic weapons. It was a dangerous job, but he relished the action and enjoyed what he did.

But that didn't last long. During one of his escort runs, he drew too close to the United States border and his plane was shot down by an F-16 fighter jet. His client's entire family was on board, and he was the sole survivor of the crash. He was quickly processed and moved to the federal prison system where he met up with a Cobra operative named Copperhead, who was also currently incarcerated.

But Cobra had plans for Copperhead and broke him out...and Escorpaio Voador joined him. He was a full-fledged member of Cobra shortly thereafter, and his large bulk and experience with urban combat drew him right into the Alley-Viper corps.

He fit in well there and grew to be fast friends with his South American comrade Abutre Negro. Both men shared their stories and drew close together, and when Abutre Negro began serving "Cobra Commander", Escorpaio Voador was close behind. In fact, the Alley-Viper was so good at his bodyguard duties, he was placed as Cobra Commander's full-time bodyguard and as a field commander of the Alley-Viper corps itself. He was granted a special uniform to dictate his purpose and became a close confidant of the Commander.

However, soon afterwards, this Cobra Commander was revealed to be Overlord in disguise. When the real Cobra Commander made his triumphant return, Voador was treated harshly, being gunned down brutally right in front of his master's eyes. One of the shots struck him directly in the facemask, and while the armor saved his life, he was violently scarred by the broken shrapnel.

He could only lie motionless as Big Boa snapped Overlord's neck like a twig, then Cobra left them lying there dying.

Key word being "dying", not "dead". Voador survived his wounds and swore to somehow fight back against the mammoth Cobra organization who had cast him and Overlord out so callously. The call came soon later, and he rejoined Abutre Negro in South America, secretly starting up the Coil.

But the leader of this Coil organization must remain a mystery, at least for now...but who would Abutre Negro and Escorpaio Voador so loyally serve? Someone they've never met? Don't count on it....


Like Abutre Negro, I needed some foreign exclusives for an upcoming dio-story I wanted to do, but had no luck tracking down the actual figure, so I whipped one up from spare parts.

Nothing amazing, and I know he's not an exact replica, but I think he'll serve my purposes well.

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