Head: Ghost Bear
Torso: BTR Barrel Roll
Arms: ST Airborne
Waist: BTR Barrel Roll
Upper legs: ST Airborne
Lower legs: JVC Firefly

I never knew anything of the G.I. Joe extreme characters until I saw chad_ghost's custom Black Dragon at Zedcon II. Thanks to YoJoe.com I was able to find out all I wanted to know about the character and started my own custom. At first it was a straight Ghost Bear repaint but it transformed into this over time and all the remains from Chad's idea is the head. I then rewrote the character's bio to fit him into my Joeverse and separate him from being an Extreme version of Snake Eyes.


Kevin Lee was one of the youngest CIA operatives to become part of an operation called Project Dragon. It was an attempt to insert several agents of Asian heritage into the organized crime rings in Asian countries. When making contact with superiors the agents were known as by colors. Kevin Lee was known to the CIA as Black Dragon and to the Yakuza as Kang Chi Lee.

As it turns out a leak to the crime rings uncovered Project Dragon. Black Dragon was the only agent to escape with his life after there identities were revealed. He not only escaped but was able to take down several of his attackers. The information he returned with was very valuable in stopping the plans of the Yakuza. Kevin Lee was then invited to join G.I. Joe for his amazing accomplishments. He adopted the codename from his most successful mission.

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