Head: DTC Salvo
Torso: DTC S.A.W. Viper
Arms: VvV Duke
Waist/skirt: DTC S.A.W. Viper
Legs: DTC S.A.W. Viper

I tried to capture the coolness of the v1 figure with this custom. The donor parts just happened naturally and I think the Rollbar/S.A.W. Viper mold fits the figure perfectly.

I loved the digital "Tetris" style camo that Hasbro used on several of the figures in the RAH line and I did my best to duplicate it here. I wasn't creative enough to come up with a replacement for the original's steady-cam Alien's style gun but went with a Marauder Inc. SAW instead. I added the MP5 after one of our helpful board members pointed out that's what size clips fit in the vest pockets.

The PTE LRRP backpack was an attempt to load him down like the v1 figure

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