Head : CLAWS Commander
Helmet : Hannibal
Hood : Serpentor
Chest : Roadblock
Upper arms : Snake eyes
Lower arms : Pit Viper
Waist : Dart (mod. w/ Wild Bill gun holsters)
Thighs : Sand viper
Boots : Overkill

Added parts : Serpentor snake heads as shoulder pads

A scientific experiment titled "The Viper Project" hosted by Dr. Mindbender and aided by Destro, was to be the dawn of the ultimate soldier. A soldier that did not feel pity or remorse and above all, a complete lack of fear. Due to the complex ingenuity of the prototype, something went completely wrong........

Cobra Commander's defenses are quickly crushed upon the awakening of Serpentor. Dreadnoks flee and begin scavenging for safe sanctuary to hide. Destro manages to escape only to resurface with his Iron Grenadiers, determined to destroy the "eye of the beast" he helped create with Dr. Mindbender. Destro's Grenadier troops and M.A.R.S. weaponry hold Serpentor's Vipers at bay, until being betrayed by Darklon. Not even the highly trained G.I. Joe forces can stand against the mass numbers of Serpentor's legion. His reign then spreads across the planet like a closed fist gripping the entire globe.

--I envision this character as everything he was meant to be! A conqueror of all conquerors that would never be satisfied even with total world domination.

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