Head: Blowtorch
Arms, torso and feet: JvC Snake Eyes
Waist, upper legs: VvV Snake Eyes
Sub machinegun: Agent Faces
Machinegun: Firefly
Sword and sheath: Kamakura
Composite Kamma: Ken Masters's blade with Nunchuck links

Another figure which was inspired by Characters in the now dead Echoes of War RPG. He is based after one of my own guys, a Decepticon Samurai Pretender. Sadly the bio took me longer to piece together than it did for me to make the figure.

Real Name: Stocker, David (likely an Alias)
PMF: Espionage
SMF: Hand-to-hand combat instructor
Birthplace: Unrevealed

Previously employed with the CIA, Darkstalker has spent most of his career operating under deep cover in various hot-spots world-wide, at one point even infiltrating Cobra in the late 80's. During one of his 'tours' he and then Navy S.E.A.L. Sniper Sarah Lancer began a brief relationship which produced a Daughter, Reiko. He made a habit of spending all of his free time with her, even training her in the Martial Arts.

He was involved in a deep cover operation in the Middle East when he received word of Reiko's disappearance from College, and immediately took leave to assist her mother in the search for her. A year would pass before she re-surfaced; now a cobra operative calling herself 'Apparition', Stocker called in multiple favors to be inducted onto G.I. Joe, and later into the Argonauts. Qualified Expert Warsaw-pact firearms, though prefers to use bladed weapons.

"Stocker is an expert in his field. Silent, efficient, and deadly, this is the kind of guy you'd want to have your back. Possesses superb infiltration abilities, and wields hand-to-hand and sword skills that some would say rivals the likes of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Like with his teammate Lancer, the apparent defection of their daughter weighs heavily on his soul. Despite her promise to kill him as well as her mother, he refuses to fight her... even if she attacks him he takes defensive actions only.

Some might think him weak for it... but even with the lives he's taken in the service of his country... what kind of a man would want killing their child on their conscience?"

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