Head: Gung Ho V2 (I think)
Body: Sneak Peak V1

Urban centers are the new targets for military attack. When terrorists strike, the Joes have to know the city, and understand what footprint terrorism, or even counter-terrorism will have on the city itself.

Storm Watch is to the city what Recondo (TM) is to the jungle; that is to say, a living breathing part of it. He understands a city like a doctor understands a body, and knows what to do to keep it healthy, even when disease strikes.


Storm Watch is an urban-themed Joe figure, which was originally going to be a Sneak Peek remake, until I found a use for his head. I cut off the ties on the back of the headband, then painted the top so it looked like a watch cap. The body armor looks good in black, and the grey gives it a good urban feel.

I really can't understand Sneak Peek's original outfit. It didn't make any sense in any military context whatsoever.

The gun you see is from Raven's Castings.

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