Head: Fast Draw V1
Torso: Roadblock V2
Arms: Stalker V2
Legs and waist: Lift-Ticket V1

My first team custom project was SAS Team 1 - The evolution of the Action Force team into a deadly version of the original Action Force SAS. They handled terrorism with a British sensibility.


SAS Team 1: The United Kingdom's final answer to terrorism; the team's resolve is clear in the unit motto: "An end at all costs."

They are kept out of the public eye, and operate on a completely different ROE (Rules of Engagement) than regular police or military officers. Should the Prime Minister decide to use "Option Omega" the choice has been made to eliminate all diplomatic options. The methods and tactics are unsavory but the ends necessary. They may be the best hope for protection in a war without borders.

Hammer is the leader of the Assault Group, which in the Team 1 tradition, means that he is the first through the door, and likely the first to pull the trigger should the situation turn bad. This is generally considered great incentive for proper planning.

"Success in close quarters battle relies on speed, aggression and surprise. That's why they call us the SAS."

From the Files of Directorate 6:

Hammer weighs 235 Pounds and stands about 6'2. He can run an 8 minute mile, and completed the "Long Run" (like a double marathon over rough terrain) in 17 hours 22 minutes. He has been known to park in too small spaces in the laneway by lifting the rear of his Austin Mini into place. He can fire an automatic handgun 5 times into a playing card at 15 feet. His former mates suggest that he may have killed more men than cancer. I thank the lord every night that he's on our side.

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