Head: Crazylegs V1
Torso, waist, legs: Low-Light V1
Arms: Cpt. Grid-Iron V1

Name: Steven Broom

Activated by the Prime Ministerial command, "Option Omega", SAS Force 1 "the Black Knights", have been involved in over 30 anti-terrorist warfare missions, 25 of which never saw any press or media exposure. They attribute the public successes to other teams, and use non-standard weaponry for the purposes of "forensic plausible denial".

They are, in the words of Thatcher herself, "as black as the taxman's heart" They may be the best weapon the Kingdom has against a "terror war" without borders or rules.

Sweeper is the 2nd element, or the second through the door after the team leader. His primary task is to primarily deposit a "flash bang" (disorientation grenade) through a newly breached door, and follow through, clearing the room in an acceptable 4-6 seconds. Sweeper is truly amazing in the "Shoot or No Shoot" determination, and his prudence has saved countless lives. In an atmosphere where the directive is literally, "shoot the first person that moves, he's the dangerous one, because he's thinking", Sweeper's level of skill has meant the difference between a dead terrorist, and a dead hostage.

On one of the most challenging operations, 6 designated targets held 10 "yankies" (hostages) in a glasswork vase shop. Not only were 6 "x-rays" terminated, but not a single hostage was hit, and more remarkably not a single vase was broken...

From the files of Directive 6:

16 hour training days, physical and mental taxation, low pay, days away from home, and no ale. Why would anyone want to undertake that kind of lifestyle? Well, I've met Sweepers wife, and I can honestly say that he's getting worse at home than in the field.

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