Head & arms: Missle storm Wild Bill
Torso: DTC Low Light
Waist: Umm..
Legs: DTC SAW Viper
Helmet & Combat vest: DTC Barrel Roll
Underwater breathing apparatus, holster, spare chute, frame for main chute, main chute, flipper and parachute: BBI
Pack: Dusty Trails
Rifle and pistol: Maruader (Modified)

Prior to joining GI Joe, Piranha worked on SEAL Team Two as a HALO jumper and a combat diver. He has seen action all over the world, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa. He has almost as much classified information in his file as Snake-Eyes does.

He is one of those guys that loves what he does. He loves to get up at O'dark 30, gear up, jump out of a plane two hours later at 30,000 feet to land in deep water and swim to his objective, crawl through the mud, sneak up on Cobra and...well...you don't wanna know the rest.

"He doesn't come off as a bully. He's pretty mellow. But you look at him and you know you are lookin' at one baaaddd dude!" ---Stalker

"All of this AND a paycheck? Ahhh..."---Piranha

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