Head: Falcon 87
Torso: Footloose 85
Arms: Tollbooth 85
Waist: Keel Haul 93
Legs: Keel Haul 93

Backpack: Red Star 91
Shotgun: Zartan 03
9mm Pistol: Marauder
HK-G36C: Marauder

This is a figure that I have wanted to do for a long time. The torso has been modified with pouches, grenades and shotgun shells. The back was also heavily altered and has an added holster for the shotgun. I also added the working leg holster. I really wanted to keep him in a very realistic military-looking outfit and I'm happy with the results. I had thought about possibly using a different head and giving him a removable beret but this head just IS Falcon and everything else I tried just didnt cut it.

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