Head: xD WWII Battle of the Bulge (mod: neckball)
Torso: JvC Wild Bill (mod: sanded guns, added pistol and glasses case)
Arms: JvC Wild Bill
Waist, Legs: SpyT Recondo

Hat and headphones: xD figure
Glasses: VvV Leatherneck

Updated bio below. The leather is Citadel terracotta base, sealed, then a black ink wash painted on and rubbed off with a paper towel.

Dogfight's an old holdout; he much prefers the prop planes to the jets. So when the USAF pushed to replace its aging B-52 fleet with B-2 Stealth Bombers, Dogfight put in a transfer to the helicopter corps. This versatility, in addition to his uncanny hand-eye coordination and ability to hit the bullseye, soon led him to a place on the GI Joe team.

No matter the sport, when Auburn and UAB meet there's sure to be fireworks in the PIT. Knowing Beach Head went to the sister school, Dogfight can't resist a plug any time the Tigers beat the Blazers, no matter the sport: basketball, baseball, tennis. Beach Head in turn is fiercely proud of his alma mater, but rarely will brag on his team to the officer's face. Instead, he funnels some of his pay to the school; over the years, Beach Head has donated enough to make a significant contribution towards a new field house that will likely be named after him.

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