Head: Blowtorch v2
Chest: Ninja Battles Snake-eyes
Waist: Snake-eyes v?
Legs: DTC Lowlight
Oxygen mask: Ripcord v1
Dragonov Sniper Rifle: Marauder
Rest of his gear: BBI

Dragon was a sniper for SEAL Team Two prior to being recruited to GI Joe by Piranha and Raptor. Like his team mates he has seen action all over the world, including the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.

His reputation as a sniper is legend in the teams. On one particular mission his entire team was pinned down by a squad of heavily armed Cobra Vipers and Range Vipers. He was able to get the high ground and eliminate the opposing force...by himself.

"When the bad guys started to drop like flies around me, I knew Dragon had my back!"---Raptor

"Why do I use a rifle that uses the same caliber as my enemy? As long as they keep sending in Cobras, I won't run out of ammo!"---Dragon

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