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Head: DTC Barrel Roll
Torso: Wild Weasel v3
Arms: DTC SAW Viper
Waist: Umm..
Legs: DTC Barrel Roll
Helmet: Wild Bill v8
Main& reserve parachute, Pack, M-4, pouches, night vision goggles: BBI
Pistol: Maurader Inc
Altimeter: Random wrist thingy
O2 mask: Lifeline

Prior to joining GI Joe, Raptor worked on SEAL Team Two with Piranha as a HALO jumper. Raptor is one of the foremost experts on combat parachuting, with quite a few jumps into combat zones. He has seen action all over the world, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa. Most of his dossier is classified however what does show up is the fact that he has made more jumps from higher altitudes than just about anyone.

Raptor and Piranha were hand-picked by General Hawk to head up the airborne division of the GI Joe SEAL team. He has tasked them to put together a team that can be dropped from a new classified low earth orbit vehicle into any place in the world within hours.

"Our team will be able to infiltrate any Cobra base on the planet, the only way they are gonna know we were even there, is when it goes 'Boom'!"---Raptor

"That dude's codename should be 'Crazy'! He spends more time in the air than I do on the ground!"---Stalker


As a side note: All of my airborne Range Vipers and SEAL HALO jumpers have made several drops each from the third story of my apartment building, intact.

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