Entire figure: Surefire V1

The (Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) is the French Gendarmerie's elite counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit. Projectile is one of only 11 GIGN trained active officers, and has provided cross training anti-terror support from New York to Tel Aviv.

Before gaining officer status, he was a key operator in the hostage liberation in Guipry, and operated at the point of the spear in Bosnia. His actions in the Air France Flight 8969 hostage incident were considered to be the textbook example of a tactical takedown in an aircraft and were immortalized in the "CS 74" mission in the popular video game Counter Strike.

Since his promotion to officer, he has taken the lead of the foreign language and education group and serves as trainer and liaison between the GIGN and Action Force.

"Anyone who says that the French are prone to surrender has had very little experience with the GIGN."

This was another head carve to make the Surefire figure into a generic anti-terrorist trooper, inspired by the game Counterstrike.

To get an idea of what my head carves look like unpainted, I attached the picture of the carve before painting.

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