Head and Legs: Dee Jay V1
Chest and Arms: Cesspool V1
Waist: Maverick

Originally the commander of Cobra's Patrulha Do Ar (Brazilian Air Combat Operations) Black Buzzard joined Destro's troops to train his new Iron Anvil Legions.

A terrorist at heart, Black Buzzard specializes in kidnapping high value civilian targets from commercial air flights and extracting via parachute. His skills in combat and HALO/HAHO make him a valuable Cobra operative. As a trainer, his knowledge of English is spotty, but he teaches with action rather than words.

Abute Negro is perhaps the coolest of the foreign figures. It has the distinction of taking some of the worst, silliest figures ever released, then re-coloring and re-combining them into an awesome looking figure. If you'd ever suggested that you could make Dee Jay's silly booties look cool, I'd have snickered. But those blessed Brazilians managed it...

Again, like many of my knock offs of rare/foreign figures, I've gotten mixed reactions. Some people love that I knocked off the figure, some hated the thought that someone could do it. Many thought I would become an ebay scammer just by virtue of creating this piece. I didn't; I love having the figure around and I'm proud that I managed to get one without paying the high secondary market prices.

This is not dyed - it's painted. I may work on a dyed version some day.

This is what I consider my finest knock off work ever. I've had collectors tell me that they can't tell the difference without picking it up.

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