Head: Topside V1
Arms: Monkeywrench V1
Torso: Crankcase V1
Waist: Corps
Legs: Lifeline V1

Mule is a competent medic, and a HALO specialist, but his lack of a bedside manner (or any manners to speak of) prevented him from achieving any sort of rank or status in Air Force garrison. When offered the chance to jump out of planes and save people who didn't take it personally when you verbally berated them while patching them up, he "jumped" at the chance.

Mule's unique skill is not a keen intellect or caring personality, it's the ability to carry an inhuman amount of gear over inhumanely long distances without fatigue. While not big or "buff" he can carry a properly balanced pack weighing in at up to 100 kg uphill for countless miles without breaking a sweat. In the field, this is a skill that allows his questionable personality and marginal hygiene to be easily overlooked.

Mule serves as the primary medic, but also carries a full load out of grenades and ammunition for the M16/M203 combo he uses as the primary fire and indirect weapon support. Add to that the medical gear, oxygen tanks, and everything else he's packing, you have a pack that grunts out of Basic couldn't even dead lift.

"You know why you got shot? You're dumber than this stone here. Notice how it didn't get shot, but you did. It moves faster too..."

Mule is part of my mountain rescue team. He's basically a mishmash of parts thrown into the dye pot, and painted to match the rest of the team. I accidentally forgot to dye one of the arms. I found it missing when I emptied the dye batch. I left it, thinking that it gave the custom a little character, like he ripped his own sleeve off to bandage a wound. It also makes the custom asymmetrical, which enhances the evil look on his face. I painted the 'stache in a sneer, and left the eyes yellow, and somehow I got exactly the look that I was looking for. You can just tell this guy is a jerk by looking at him.

Note that Lifeline's "rescue" came through the dye as a light grey. You never know exactly how dye is going to take to pre-painted parts.

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