Body: 2004 Scarlett
Head: 2004 Baroness

I have always loved the 1984 version of the Baroness. It had a naughty charm to her, but ultimately, it looked bulky like most of the early figs did.

Now when she was redone in 2002, I was let down. She was too angular and jagged.

So I took a 2004 Scarlett and tweaked her. First of all, she had a really unflattering feminine shape. I spent quite a bit of time adding and sculpting with Miliput to get her looking a little bit better.

I stuck on a Baroness head and painted the fig. I wanted her to have a vinyl/leather look but after I did that, I discovered she was really difficult to photograph because she was so shiny.

That explains the poor quality of the photo. I had to use the no flash setting.

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