Head: Beach Head V1
Body: Bullhorn
Arms: Gung-Ho V3
Waist: Barbque
Legs Snake Eyes V1

Jade Dragon Guard Background: As Cobra and its allies gain more control over the world, China sees a massive threat, not only to itself but to the entire Southeast Asian continent. Their answer is their own version of the GI Joe Team, The Jade Dragon Guard (or Guang Qiu Jing) and China realizes that it cannot stand alone against the threat of Destro, Cobra, and all of its allies. China enlists the aid of other Southeast Asian countries in order to secure its position (this is more pronounced when cobra succeeds in capturing North Korea). Old rivalries are put away (In the political form at least) and the specialized team is formed. Its members however have much difficulty forgetting the past, and many times it seems the team will fall apart from its own infighting.

Bie Dong Dui has been sneaking into places since he was a child. He was arrested twice before the age of 15 for breaking into banks (noting that he never stole anything). When he joined the army, he went straight into the special forces and quickly mastered infiltration, explosives and stealth. Hand-to-hand combat came quite easy to him too. His ''adrenaline junkie'' attitude has gotten him quite a bit of notoriety in the armed forces as being insane. Base jumping, skydiving, ect. are just some of his pasttimes. Also he uses this pasttime to help him on missions deep into enemy territory (being able to bungee safely down a building does have its advantages in tight situations).

This custom kind of just came together one day, I knew he was something special, and have been trying to figure out where I might use him. When I finally started ironing out the Jade Dragon Guard, he fit in perfectly.

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