Head: Grifter cast modified
Torso: VvV Wave 1 Snake Eyes
Arms: Slice
Waist: Spy Troops Gung-Ho
Right leg: B.A.T.
Left leg: Razorclaw

Billy has always been led by others. Baroness and Major Bludd attempted to use him to kill Cobra Commander and then Storm Shadow trained him in the ways of the Arashikage. Then, under orders form Cobra Commander, Scrap Iron almost killed him causing the loss of his right leg and right eye. After that a remorseful Cobra Commander found him after he thought he was dead and used Billy's amnesia to his advantage by converting him to Cobra. After that plan fell through Billy found the Blind Master and studied under him. Some time later Billy was brainwashed by Cobra Commander and used as a weapon for Cobra. G.I. Joe saved him from the brainwashing and he fell under the tutelage of Snake Eyes. Billy decided he needed time to himself and took off to Europe to become his own man.

While thinking of his past and how he fit into the larger picture Billy remembered his father's rants from his childhood. He recalled how Cobra Commander complained of his government oppressing him and holding him back. How he couldn't have anything because of the taxes on his class of people and how change was needed. And now that Cobra Commander was in charge of his own country, Billy saw that his father was now the oppressor and change was needed on Cobra Island. Cobra Island now had terrorist of their own.

His plan began with finding like-minded individuals who could help him. He needed a united team unlike his father's original group who were constantly trying to stab each other in the back. A small group was slowly formed including Zanya, Darklon, and Ghost Bear. Overkill swore his help and donated Billy with an upgraded robotic leg as a show of peace and allegiance. Snake Eyes latest apprentice Tiger Claw soon contacted him and swore his allegiance as well.

His next plan of action was to convert Cobra's followers to his own. This started with familiarity so he retained the Cobra blue color for his uniform and modified one of his father's hoods to wear into battle. His plan has begun to work and most of the Cobra troops, while not joining Billy's fight, have turned a blind eye to his actions against Cobra Commander.

The final part of his plan involves bringing democracy to Cobra Island and setting up civil relations with the U.S.A. and the other top governments of the world. He has sworn to bring the families of the Cobra troops to them and provide all of them with homes on the island. And to truly put and end to Cobra he plans to do away with the horrible name of Cobra Island and setup the country of Springfield.

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