As far as I can remember all parts are V1 Snake Eyes.

Arm rivits are replacements though.

This figure was done up as part of a dio entry at the 2004 GI Joe Convention. The title of the Dio was "Even Your High Prices Can't Save You Now!", and it featured a massive number of Crystal Balls running around and beating up on "rare" and "expensive" figures. For the Dio I customized 6 of the Argen 7 and a De Aco. Thanks to this beauty is practically flawless and could fool any Collector from a distance.

The Snake Eyes figure was completely dismantled, arm rivets too and the parts to be chromed were shipped off. Everything else got spots of Red Spray Paint and once the Chrome was back, some of those parts were masked to get red spray paint as well. Check out the paint on the back of the black knee...just like the real figure...

Already having this figure done is a major reason I'm disappointed with the 06 Con Mortal...not only do I think mine looks better, I think it's FAR more durable, even still mine only cost me around $50 to make.

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