40th Anniversary Club Clear Figure, lebel revolver, boots from the USAF Crash Crew, Ultraman body, MP pistol Belt. AT Dogtag, AT sticker.

Trying to keep distracted. So here is my very first custom EVER submitted to JoeCustoms. I've been customizing a long time. (Long time listener, first time caller.)

Anyhow. Near the tail end of the 12" run of Joe (before the abomination of the Defenders), the Hasbro folks said "Hey, let's rip off the Million Dollar Man."

And Mike Power, The Atomic Man was born. He had a light up eye with a hole in his head. Bionic leg, Bionic arm. And for whatever God awful reason he came with a hand held helicopter.

So anyhow. I was setting up every single 12" figure I own today. (In the order in which I had purchased them.) And I noticed that The Adventure Team had a missing member (in addition to Bullet-Man), The Atomic Man. I long wanted to head swap the Ultraman fig, as his head is a remold of the original one from 1971 (When Joe died in Japan, 'cause they started doing the Captain Action thing with their Joes.)

So, I head swapped. Almost had him garbed all in silver. Finally went for the short silver boots as ALL AT members had the short black boots. The Lebel revolver (modded to fit into Ultra Man's clutching hand.) And I was going to go with the shoulder holster (another prerequisite) but decided against it, as it hid the atomic goodies in his abdomen.

I love clear figures, I don't know why, but I simply adore them. So I totally dig this custom.

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