Head, chest, upper legs and backpack: Comic Pack Serpentor
Arms: Sand Viper
Bots: Dr. Mindbender
Sword and sheath: Cobra Slash
Cape and kilt: Custom made

I tried to make him a lot taller than most other G.I. Joe figures. He is one of my favorite customs. The eyes I worked hard to make them look evil. I painted them yellow and if the picture shows it well the outcome is great because his eyes are piercing.

Well the Serpentor clone was created for training troops, being a strategist and possibly a future leader as a front to cover up the real mastermind behind the Crimson Gladiators at the time being he is controlled by prescription drugs to set at ease the overwhelming desire to be a leader but how long can he be controlled?

He is the make or break of the whole force. The best way to build a strong army is to have a strong influential leader that can make a statement with one look into his eyes.

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