Head: Crystal Ball chromed
Torso: Crystal Ball
Arms: Crystal Ball
Waist: Crimson Guard
Thighs: Thrasher
Feet: Crystal Ball

One of those, I'm sending stuff to be chromed, why not toss in an extra Crystal Ball head or two customs of mine...

Crystro is a Crystal Ball clone infused with Destro's DNA and neuron scans. Crystro's main function is to act as Destro while still serving the Crystal Army.

Destro was the first "big target" that Crystal Ball went after. Being the head of M.A.R.S. and the Iron Grenadiers makes Destro a key figure in the power structures of both GI Joe and Cobra. Crystro is just Crystal Ball's way of steering that power where he wants it...It also doesn’t hurt that the Crystal Army now gets all the weapons it wants for free.

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