Head: Iron Grenadier with Crystal Ball face
Arms, waist and thighs: Iron Grenadier
Feet and torso: Crystal Ball
Weapons: Iron Grenadier

The Iron Ballidier came together in part of a group of customs to be entered in the Franken-Joe contest at the 05 Convention. The whole goal of this group of customs was to make people do a double take..."oh that's just an IG...what's so custom about it...oh, wait...that's Crystal Ball's face...wow” While I did get a lot of praise for the IB's, the judges at the Con didn't seem to like it as much.

The Iron Grenadiers have become one of the most important factions in the world of G.I. Joe. They are an independent force, and supplies weapons to both Cobra and G.I. Joe. The command staff of the Iron Grenadiers is a prime target in the Crystal Army's plan for global conquest.

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