Head and gloves: BBI
Upper arms and neck: JvC Ripper
Chest, hat: JvC Gung-Ho
Lower arms: JvC Iron Grenadier
Waist and legs: Dart
Gun and backpack: Original Hardball figure

This is another commission request I got. I had wanted to do this figure since he got killed in the comic but wasn't sure how to go about it.

The person asked that the figure keep a lot of his original look but be modernized in a way that I did with the Duke custom I did. Figuring the size of Hardball's weaponry I figured he had to be a bulky looking guy so I went for that with the pieces I picked.
I also really wanted to keep his original colors but darken them a bit, making it look believable that this person could be in the military. I also went for the black-hooded sweatshirt since that seemed to give the figure some edge.

Anyway here he is.

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