Entire Figure: JvC Nunchuk
Nunchuks: Adapted from a set of Joe triple nunchuks

Another Judge Dredd custom.
Death Fist is the premiere assassin from the Fighting Heart Kwoon in the Radlands of Ji. He should be considered unarmed and extremely dangerous. On his first trip to the Big Meg, he beat Judge Dredd in a straight fight. On his second visit, Dredd opened up a gallon sized can of whup-ass on him. Stan Lee is now serving 30 years in an Iso Cube.

A character that only appeared a couple of times in the Dredd stories, but one I felt worthy of doing as a custom. The Nunchuk figure required very little alteration. I removed the hair and re-sculpted the top of the head adding a headband and pad. For the belt sash, I just cut the flaps off the existing one and added a chain between the two sections of nunchuks that came with the figure. All in all, quite an easy conversion.

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