Head: Comic Pack Cobra Commander
Body: Single Pack Snake Eyes

I wanted to make a bold commander with battle gear. In my version of Cobra Commander he likes to be on the front line and unlike the old Cobra Commander he is not a coward. He would like to get the job done all by himself. The coolest thing about this figure is how the head sits on the shoulders. It looks great because they made it to look like the mask hangs forward but the body they put on him stood erect but the Snake-Eyes has a slope so it turns out to be real nice.

This is a battle version of Cobra Commander and he is not a coward. He is upfront on every battle he will not run even when he is loosing the fight and half the time if he is of being overpowered his own soldiers have to try take him down just to retreat and some pay a heavy price. This Cobra Commander is more like the Sigma 6 Commander unlike the old Cobra Commander he is no a baby he likes to train all his soldiers himself just to get into the battle mode.

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