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Inspiration: Although he does look similar to an actuall Calvary soldier, this custom figure is based on one of my comic Book Heroes. Origionaly he was a cheesy cable-knock off called the Cowboy, fortunately I dropped that pitch and overhauled him. The premise of the story is a police division of Mutants is set up to defend against Superhuman threats.

Comic book Bio:

Real Name: Eli Smith

Birthplace: St Louis Missouri

Mutant Abilities: enhanced hand-eye coordination and superior reflexes

IE: is quick on the draw

Origionally a soldier in the 7th calvary, Eli smith was was facing death at the hands of several thousand Sioux warriors when he was violently pulled forward into our time by the temporal tyrant known as NEXUS, and landed in the middle of a heated battle between the heoic M.P.s and their arc-nemeses, the Enforcers. Now he is trying to the adjust from wide open spaces into an age of skyscrapers, automobiles, and computers.

From the files of Lt. Arthur Garret, Mutant Police Division Supervisor:

Although initially ovewheled by the modern age, the fact that most disturbed him was the fate of his division, and their infamous act of vengance. Unfortunately, Calvary has a severe mistrust of founding teammember Arnold Runningfox, aka: Reload, a feeling that is mutual. I guess old wounds nerver really heal, even over a century.

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