Cobra B.A.T. v.3.2 and some specially formulated paint

B.A.T. v3.3c
COBRA Battle Android Trooper - Crimson Guard Version

File Name: Inapplicable
Primary Military Specialty: Sabotage
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: Inapplicable

Finding the B.A.T. v3.2 - the revision with the interchangeable weapon right arm - to be a particularly versatile version of the Battle Android Trooper, moreso than its predecessors and even its successors, Cobra has begun modifying a handful of individual B.A.T.s for special assignments. If they perform well, and are cost-effective, they might be mass produced. One of these is the new Crimson B.A.T., specifically designed for the Crimson Guard. Although all Crimson Guardsmen are trained for the battlefield, they do most of their work for Cobra in the boardrooms. By developing a series of B.A.T.s designed for the Crimson Guard for their battlefield situations, the "human element" of the Guard can focus more on the business side of their dealings. The Crimson B.A.T. has been programmed for the battlefield, but also for infiltration and sabotage work of the type that might be undertaken by the Crimson Shadow Guard. Its crimson red armor is made from an experimental alloy, somewhat rougher in texture than the usual B.A.T., but reportedly twice as strong without adding much more weight to the unit. Additionally, it has a computer interface that will allow it to break into any business computer system and steal its most valuable files before the first firewall even knows what happened!

From General Hawk's files: "So now the Crimson Guard has its own B.A.T.? I wonder if it's been programmed for the sort of arrogance and pompous attitude we've gotten anytime we've captured any members of the Guard? Seriously, though, this thing could be dangerous. If its stated computer hacking abilities are as nasty as they sound, we could be looking at some serious security breaches. But that sort of capability can be expensive, and the Crimson Guard can be real penny-pinchers when they want to be. Still, there's another aspect to this that worries me. The Crimson Guard seems to be growing increasingly independent. They've expanded their numbers in recent years, and branched out with special divisions like the Crimson Shadow Guard and even a special corps of Vipers. Now they want their own special-duty B.A.T.s? I wonder how long it will be before we're looking at another Cobra Civil War? And what will that mean for the Joe Team should one happen?"

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