Head: Sludge Viper
Torso: Vapor
Arms: Mirage
Waist: Mirage
Legs: Mirage

I had a couple of motivations for making this back-up Black Ice. First, I didn't want to risk damaging the original by playing with him. Simple as that, the original official Black Ice will be possed in a diorama and left safely behind plexiglass.

Second, I was always intrigued by the original Loop art. Unlike the real Black Ice figure, he had silver highlights on his shoulder pads and helmet. I'd never customize my original, but while I'm making a back-up, why not take a couple artistic liberties.

Third, I was making him, the Black Ice Vipers, and the Black Ice Snake at the same time. When I was testing blues to match the original, I found a blue that perfectly matched the Ice Snake. So instead of repainting all the Ice Snake's blue parts to match the original Black Ice, I painted Black Ice with the dark blue to match his new vehicle.

All design credit goes to Bounty Hunter Mike and all the guys he recruited to help make Black Ice the desirable exclusive he's become. I just needed a spare.

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