Head: Long Range (R.O.C.C. driver)
Torso: JvC Wet Suit (Heavily modified with a cutout chest-decoration of a Spy Troops chest-armor - armpits excavated to fit arms.
Arms: Neo-Viper
Crotch: Slash
Thighs: Spy Troops Heavy Duty
Feet: Pit Viper
Shoulder pads: JvC Iron Grenadier
Cape: A.R.A.H. Major Bludd shawl (slightly modified) with homemade cloth added

Serpentor was originally meant to be created as the perfect Cobra soldier, and to achieve this, Dr. Mindbender and Destro traveled all over the globe to collect the remains of history's ten greatest warriors. Men like Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible and Vlad Dracuul Tepes were all added into the genetic mixture, along with added DNA from Storm Shadow, to create Cobra's most promising soldier. The experiment was a success, more than Cobra Commander had in mind. Because the greatest soldiers of history was also the greatest leaders, and it wasn't long until the creation that was Serpentor wrenched power from the unhappy Cobra founder.

During the years that followed, Serpentor declared himself emperor after he'd managed to win the loyalty of half of the Cobra army, something that did not sit well with Cobra Commander. This resulted in the beginning of the civil war that raged on Cobra Island. The war ended with Serpentor's demise, but Dr. Mindbender secretly took possession of the body and put it under the care of troopers who remained loyal to their emperor. Years later, the treacherous Cobra scientists managed to resurrect Serpentor, but rather than once again seizing control of Cobra, Serpentor founded his own organization, which he named: The Coil. He gathered the Cobra personnel who preferred him before the Commander, and then recruited some of the world's most dangerous hit men and saboteurs into his army. It wasn't long until Dr. Mindbender finally joined him as well.

Serpentor's greatest asset in which he will conquer the world is his experiences made by the men he has been created from, but those can sometimes also be his weakness. His many personalities may often have a difference of opinion, which can make Serpentor act irrational from time to time.

Serpentor's philosophy is to be a leader that his troopers will respect and love and be willing to die for... he praises and reward like Alexander the Great and Napoleon, but suddenly the ruthless parts of Genghis khan and Vlad Tepes kicks in and make Serpentor punish and reap...

Serpentor is generally patient and calm, but will not accept to have any of his orders questioned, and then he gets violent...

Serpentor wants his troopers to live in harmony and comfort when not on duty, but he does not care for the environment that is sufficient for a healthy life...

Serpentor will not abandon his wounded troopers on the field, but he does not hesitate to literally throw them into the line of fire...

Serpentor can be merciful to his prisoners, but he is not above torture if he needs to extract the information he requires...

But despite these issues, The Coil troopers will remain loyal to their emperor, because they are convinced that Serpentor will vanquish G.I.Joe and Cobra, and then rule the world. But they foolishly neglect the fact that Cobra Commander is a lot more powerful and devious than they might think, and he does not take lightly to traitors.

Personal comments:

At first I was thinking of doing a custom inspired from the nice Serpentor figure that ADC MEMBER had once done, but I soon got to realize that I would be happier if I came up with my own style. I wanted a Serpentor that would not only look like an emperor, but also like a Roman Centurion or a gladiator, and I think I got quite close by using Wet Suit's body. Although the torso-work is far from my first choice of style, (I had to cover up the underwater techno stuff) I am very pleased with my result. Now all I have to do is to come up with a way to create a new chariot.

Please note: This figure is NOT for sale.

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