Head: Sci-Fi Star Brigade
Torso and crotch: Alpine
Arms and upper legs: Voltar
Lower legs: Unknown
Weapon: Marauder

After being a problem child, Andrei was sent to a military school in Odessa, and he just loved it! He became part of the troops assigned to Siberia. After being decorated for the service, Lieutenant Tenierov sent him to the Russian Sniper School.

Tenierov kept laughing after taking off that noisy soldier from his beloved Corp, until he found him again in the Siberian Tiger Force.

As a fan of the Oktober Guard, and of the Tiger Force, I thought that the counterparts of the G.I. Joe team, deserved It, so, here is my first custom, I found this pearled white color in a model shop, and I think It works nice, what you all think?

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