Head: Slip Stream v3 (master gunzz cast)
Torso and arms : Sgt Stalker v4
waist and legs : Duke v11 (RIT dyed black)
Helmet: Master Chief helmet (master gunzz cast)
beret: BBI figure
Gun: Customized BBI M-4 with PTE M-4 handle and flashlight and Chap Mei gun sling

Tiger is a rebel in a town called New Springfield, Kansas (but not THE Springfield from comic glory) and leads a team of other rebels against COBRA.

Tiger was captured and they tried to brainwash him via brainscanner. Somehow it didn't work totally but it did install the ability to fly anything with just a lesson/photographic memory and the brainwashing works temporarily. Tiger designed the Lady for Cobra after plans stolen from the US Government (Firm) by Firefly. After designing Airwolf, Tiger flew her and Wiz and the captured US President back to the White House and got assigned to GI Joe.

Tiger made the Lady bulletproof but all others are not and some don't come with any armament at all due to a comp virus.

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