Head, torso: Viper '06 (Viper Lockdown)
Waist, legs: V. Max '05
Arms: SpyTroops CLAWS '04
Spiked knuckles: Chap-Mei
20mm grenade Rifle: Spearhead
Cloak: VvV Swamp Rat

Omega Elites are shock troops with a solid emphasis on the shock part! Larger than most human beings, they are heavily armored and protected by suits similar to those worn by Stormtroopers, whom they typically oversee as a sort of officer corps. The difference ends there, however.

Where as Stormtroopers are human, Omega Elite troopers are men injected with the DNA of various thuggish demons, increasing their strength and resistance to pain and damage. Elites are further made worse by having their conscience wiped out and their sense of sadism increased; they find extreme joy in slaughtering innocents, maiming captives, and doing whatever tickles their sick fancies. They are also single-minded in their pursuit of others and if set on the trail of a target, will not stop until they or the target are dead (along with whomever else crosses their path in the meantime.) Genetic programming keeps the Elites loyal to their Omega masters and despite their sadistic nature, they will not turn on their own people unless told to do so.

A typical Elite load out consists of heavy spiked knuckles and a dual-clip 20mm rifle, capable of firing high explosive, armor piercing or incendiary grenades.

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